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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Taste of success

I have had two brief successes. The first one was promoting an ebook from clickbank that contained a home remedy for Trichotillomania. In case your wondering what Trichotillomania is, I believe its a mental disorder where people pull out their hair when they feel anxious. If your interested in taking a look at the sales letter for that product, it can be found at

I had made 8 sales with the product and all was going well. The campaign was profitable. I don't remeber what the conversion rate was, but I do remember that I was making a profit with each sale. Then the strangest thing happened. The next three sales I made I recieved no commission. I found out that the author of the product reduced her commission from 50% to 0%. Shortly after that she decided not to use clickbank as her payment processor. To this day I do not know why. I do know that she and I both were using google adwords to market her product and we both were bidding on the keyword Trichotillomania and other keyword phrases that contained the word Trichotillomania. My quess is she figured she didn't need affiliates to use adwords to promote her product when she could do it herself. She probably made more money promoting it herself to.

That was my first profitable campaign and a huge dissappointment when the author decided to no longer accept affiliates. My next profitable campaign was a huge success and also a big let down. I started a campaign promoting

The only keyword I used was I used phrase, exact, and broad matching. That campaign had the best conversion rate I've ever seen. If I ran it all day long, the conversion rate would average about 30%. If I ran it during the evenings and nights only, the conversion rate would average about 38%. Within 5 days I had made over $3000.00 in profits. I was estactic. I started thinking about all the things I could buy. It was a fantastic feeling.

On about the fifth day of the campaign I recieved an email from amazon stating that they do not allow affiliates to bid on their trademark name, website address, or any variation thereof. I was ordered to stop my campaign immediately. I finally hit it big and I was shut down. For a couple of days I was really upset, but I realized there was nothing I could do so I just let it go.


  • Wow. Did Amazon allow you to keep the money? I hope so :)

    In any case, I don't understand why they don't allow bidding on their "trademark name." I just did a search for '' and discovered that the sponsored links section is empty. However, from what you said, there are a whole lot of people who click on an amazon link that is put there.

    Makes you wonder . . .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:18 PM  

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