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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Using website addresses as keywords

The amazon campaign taught me two important lessons. Make sure you read the operating agreement before advertising a companies products and two, using website addresses as keywords tend to convert well.

I followed up my amazon campaign with a campaign for Walmart and Target. The only keywords I used again were their website addresses. Both campaigns had similar conversion rates. They both averaged about 2.9%. Unfortunately, the campaigns were not profitable. I was only paying 5 cents per click, but the commissions I received would range between .30 to $20.00. It just depended on how much stuff a customer ordered. The Walmart campaign was profitable for awhile, but the orders kept getting smaller and smaller so I stopped it before I lost any more money. I couldn't rely on how big a customers order was going to be. In most cases they were small.

I tried to figure out why Amazons conversion rates were so high and Walmarts and Targets were so low. My thought process went like this. All three websites are similar. They all are basically department stores online. Customers tend to trust the store names so trust probably wouldn't be an issue. The only conclusion I came up with was that Amazon is strictly an online retailer, while Walmart and Target are both offline stores as well. Lets say that a customer went to Walmart to see if they carried a certain dvd player, that customer wouldn't have to order online, they could simply run down to their local Walmart and purchase it there.

Or and I just thought of this, most of the products that Amazon sells are pretty small, books, movies etc... Maybe customers felt more comfortable ordering small itiems online as oposed to big itiems like dvd players. I can't say for sure. I do know that most of the itiems ordered from my amazon campaign were books and movies.

Important Note: Most of the companies I've checked out do not allow affiliates to bid on their trademark name or website address. However, you can bid on trademark names and website addresses for clickbank products. So far I've only tried one campaign and it currently is profitable.

Here's the campaign:

Data Hound Detective
Sniff Out Information on Anyone
Investigate Anyone, Anywhere.

Here's the list of keywords I used:
data hound detective
"data hound detective"
[data hound detective]

Important Note: I have stopped this campaign because it is no longer profitable. The main problem with using clickbank vendor website addresses and trademarks as keywords is that alot of affiliates are doing this and for most products the keywords only get searched a couple of hundred times a month or less.


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