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Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm sorry I haven't posted my stats in awhile. I've been busy for the past 8 days. I started a new job working for a company that sells electrical products. I'm their delivery driver/warehouse worker. My brother and I also share the same computer, so the only time I can get on is when he's not and he's on quit frequently.

I ended up stopping my google campaign, it reached 100 clicks and didn't have a sale. My overture one on the other hand is doing better. Last time I posted, the campaign had reached 100 clicks and it made a sale in the nick of time so I decided to keep it running. I made some changes to it, in case you didn't know, I posted the changes I made in an earlier post. The campaigns has had 55 clicks between November 11-18. I made another sale on 11/14/05. I'm hoping the changes I made will improve its conversion rate. I'm getting fewer clicks on a daily basis than what I was before the changes. Now my ads in the top three positions for relevant keywords and in the 5th and 6th for the less relevant ones.

Before, I was getting alot of clicks from the less relevant keywords because my ad was in the top three positions. Now the opposite is happening, I'm gettting more clicks from the relevant keywords and less from the less relevant ones. This should result in a better conversion rate. If it does, I'll apply the same changes to my google campaign and start it up again.

Take care for now.


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