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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I haven't made a sale in the last three days. Combined clicks from both overture and google equal 100. I'm going to run this campaign for 100 clicks on both overture and google and if it doesn't produce a sale, I'm going to drop it.

Here are the stats for November 5-7th.

40 clicks and 0 sales

60 clicks and 0 sales

I'll continue running this campaign for another 60 clicks on google and 40 on overture. If no sale results, its gone.

Tip of the day: You have to hold each of your campaigns accountable. If you need a 2% conversion rate to make a profit, then your campaign needs to average a 2% conversion rate. If the campaign breaks even sometimes, but then is profitable again, I would keep it running. But don't let your campaign run for 100 clicks without a single sale, otherwise your playing catch up and now you need a 3% conversion rate in the next 100 clicks to make a profit. Odds are that won't happen. Your best bet would be to lower your bids so that you can profit even with a 0.5% conversion rate. That conversion rate is alot easier to achieve, but keyword cost often don't allow us to do so.


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