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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Site Build It and why I'm jumping on board.

I'm waiting anxiously for February to end so I can start my marketing campaign again. I don't have high hopes for it. I've come to the conclusion the marketing products using paid advertising requires alot of marketing expertise. I'm still hoping my campaign will be profitable and that it will lead to many more profitable campaigns, but I'm tired of relying on pay per click advertising. Its just taking money out of my pocket. Instead, I'm going to give site build it a try. I'm looking forward to no longer having to pay for traffic. I've been falling for the get rich quick schemes for two years now and none of them have worked so I'm ready to get rich slow.

Site build it seems like its the best way to go. It will probably be at least 6 months before I start earning any money, but even if one website can bring in $300.00 per month. Ten websites can provide me with a fulltime income. Ten sites may take 10 years to create if I build them in my spare time, but in ten years I would be able to quit my job and live off the income. I'm only 26 so thats better than waiting until I'm 65 to retire.


  • Im doing exactly what you are going to do in the next few months... no sales yet.. 6 months of works! 100$ spent on adwords and now im trying a new campaign with adwords to sell clickbank products...

    After trying to sell my own product (even if the products was 0,99cents.) on over 500 clicks... 0 sales...

    dont really think theres a market for that kind of stuff!!

    Now i have over 10 website running!

    mnaking 1$per day on adsense... and it cost me 5$ per day on adwords..

    email me back: info at nexika dot com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:58 PM  

  • ecommerce

    I just purchased Site Build It!
    Still in 30 days trial run.
    Working hard to understand everything and as usual going through blogs
    to get some interesting suggestion.

    What's your opinion on affiliate marketing future of SBI

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    By Blogger Arindam, at 5:57 AM  

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